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DigiLoka Applications

DigiLoka for

Mobile applications that allow customers to browse menus, place orders, and schedule deliveries or pickups.

iOS, Soon.

DigiLoka for
Business Owner

Managing online stores, processing transactions, managing product catalogs, and tracking order fulfillment.

iOS, Soon.

DigiLoka for
Delivery Man

The Delivery App help optimize delivery routes, track deliveries, and provide updates to customers and the business.

iOS, Soon.

is Not Simple!

While the concept of simplicity may appear straightforward, achieving it can often be a complex task. Simplicity involves distilling information, processes, or designs to their most essential and understandable forms. However, simplifying something without sacrificing its functionality or effectiveness requires careful thought, analysis, and skill.

Complexity Inherent in The Subject Matter
Balancing Simplicity and Functionality
Different Perspectives and Understanding
Iterative Refinement

Design Driven
Innovation Method

We develop referring to an approach or mindset that places a strong emphasis on design principles and practice in a professional context.

Innovation and Creativity
Collaboration and Interdisciplinarity
Attention to Detail and Aesthetics
Competitive Advantage
DigiLoka Modules

Our Features

MSME's Product

Refer to goods or services that are produced or provided by Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises.


Refer to food and beverages that are prepared, cooked, or processed for consumption.


Refers to a specific segment of the economy where products or services are bought and sold.


Refers to the process of creating goods or providing services through various activities.


Refers to the materials and design used to enclose, protect, and present products.


Agricultural products that come directly from farmers, with the consequence of purchasing a certain amount.


A type of product that is created, distributed, and consumed in a digital format.


Provides delivery services for packages, documents, or other items from one location to another.

Local Payments

Refer to financial transactions that occur within a specific geographical region or country.

Many Languages

Available in unlimited and customizable many languages.

Sales Report

Summary that provides an overview of sales activities, performance, and results within a specific time period.

and, Customable

Modules and features can be customized by zone.

What We Do Best

Payment Systems
Made Simple

Cash On Delivery

Cash Money, QRIS with Courier Verification

Digital Payment

Virtual Account, e-Wallet & Dynamic QRIS

DigiLoka Wallet

Free Top-UP Fee, Simple & Fast

The Power of Code

Share Your Referal Code,
Get Money!

Use your referral code and get cash (digiloka e-Wallet) by inviting people around you to join as DigiLoka Application users.

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and, The Story of
DigiLoka Users


All Needs in One
Simple Application.

This application aims to provide a comprehensive and integrated approach to meeting different needs within a business environment. By consolidating various tools, functions, or services into a single platform, it simplifies workflows, reduces complexity, and enhances user experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can register through the DigiLoka (for User) application or the DigiLoka Store, on the "Join as a Store" menu.
Please see here for details.

None, but there are several forms of cooperation that we offer, such as reseller prices or increased product prices according to the agreement.
Please see here for details.

Yes, we call it a consignment, please see here for details.

We provide opportunities for anyone to become a courier partner, but there are requirements that must be met, please see here for details.